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The journey began in 2009 with an independent affiliate marketer. In 2014 DethTech Systems ltd incorporated and opened a second office in Thailand. 2018 DethTech systems is now a group with 70+ employees and 6 offices globally. 

CPA Models

Cost per acquisition models are our favorite way to work allowing our clients to only pay for results. We are able to work per lead, per sale, per click, per install and more. This makes us an extremely low risk for partners.


Whether it’s affiliate marketing software, PPC tracking or even CRM systems we have an amazing solution to fit. If we don’t have a standard product we can tailor for your needs we will simply develop a new one.

Awesome Support

It’s not just our technology that makes us a great partner to work with. It’s the support that goes with it. Our dedicated partner managers always go above and beyond to make sure you are well catered for.

Excellent Reports

Our systems generate amazing, in depth reports that are meaningful and easy to understand. We generate metrics that really matter allowing us to continuously optimize your campaigns. 


Beautifully simple systems. Be it pricing models, the technology itself or ways to contact our support team we believe that the simplest way for you is the best way for us. It’s the simplest things that can make a partnership great. 


Many of our solutions take very little tailoring to meet the needs of our partners. From contact to launch it normally takes less than 1 week.  

Friendly Support

We are always happy to help. Our partner support is something we are very proud of and are regularly praised for. Learning new systems can be daunting so we are here to walk you through every step of the way.

Wherever you need

We truly are a global solution. With multilingual support staff versed in most European and Asian languages we are able to offer you campaigns for almost all world wide locations. Our software and reports can also be tailored to your timezone and language.

The world of marketing is changing.

Paid on results marketing is the future.

We have invested heavily in tracking solutions for digital marketing including PPC and Affiliate Marketing. We have seen first hand the rapid increase in paid on results services. We believe it is the lowest risk way for merchants to spend their marketing budget.

It is vital to choose a solution that doesn’t simply  push the message: “By simply knowing your website conversion rate and average order value you can very quickly identify the maximum cost per click”.

The reality is that every keyword will have a different conversion rate so it is important to identify negative keywords and non converting keywords as quickly as possible to maximize budgets.

This is also true for pay per lead models. Not all leads will have the same conversion rate so it is important to optimize every source. Our systems do this effortlessly. 

Amazing optimisations

Advanced Testing

  • GEO Targeting
  • Device Redirecting
  • Layout Testing
  • Design Testing

Our A/B testing is a continuous part of our service to partners. Our technologies are paid on results services so it is in our best interest to keep improving conversion and moving with the changing tides of traffic and user behavior.


Designed For Growth

We dream big and so should you. We have managed to take small retail outlets to nationwide operations. Our solutions are built for scalability and growth.

Paid on results means you only part with budget when your desired result is achieved. 

No time like the present.

Ready To Build Your Empire?

Speak to one of our partner managers today to find out ho we can increase your traffic, conversion rate, average order value, volume and optimize your budget through technology. 

Development Hours
Lovely Clients

Collaborative Ideas

We will work with you to map your customers journey and brainstorm marketing ideas. We then put them into practice with you. 

Building Your Network

We don’t just build our network, we build yours. We generate affiliates and micro sites specific to your brand. 

Take It Global

Affiliates can promote your products/services world wide. If you are trying to penetrate a new territory, affiliates are a great way to get huge, instant coverage.

Business Strategy

Making sure you have the right services in place to maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Showcase Business

Working with us means we can display your business, offerings and products/services to thousands of affiliates. A well designed conversion funnel is extremely tempting to experienced affiliates.

Make It Mobile

It is surprising how many partners we work with that have a very outdated mobile site. Our mobile friendly templates are a game changer for partners who aren’t mobile optimized.


  • traditionally we had always spent the majority of our marketing budget with telesales companies. Within 5 weeks of working with DethTech Systems we had launched an affiliate program and a PPC campaign. Within a quarter the results had overtaken our call center campaign with only 38% of the cost.

    Marketing Manager
  • We operated a local workshop supplying to a 50 mile radius. 6 months of working with DethTech Systems we now sell online through all major market places and even through our own website. Now we work directly with consumers instead of wholesalers we have been able to dramatically reduce the cost of our product to the end user and increase our margins and volume at the same time.

    Managing Director
  • We chose DethTech Systems to run our very first ever online campaign. We initially approached 5 companies but decided on DethTech Systems due to the passion they displayed in their pitch. We have not used another company since and have been over the moon with the results.


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